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Do-It-Yourself Landscaping

Five Star Gardens is pleased to offer this free, professional landscape design service to our customers who’d like to roll up their sleeves and get their hands a little dirty! 

The plan is yours with the purchase of the plant material from our Landscape & Design Center located at 181 Ware St, Rte. 32 in Palmer MA.  

It’s a simple four-step process, detailed below. So get going now and you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor all season long!


Step 1
Take photos of the area you’d like to have landscaped. This could be the front of the house, a side of your patio, an area to screen your deck or pool, or maybe a spot in which to create a tranquil sitting area.


Step 2
Take accurate measurements of the area and show them on a bird’s eye view sketch. Your sketch should include:

  • The location of existing downspouts, water meters, and air conditioners

  • Any trees and shrubs that may be remaining and where they are located

  • The height above ground and width of any doors and windows

  • An indication of where “North” is on your sketch.

The more accurate the information, the more accurate your plan will be!


Step 3
Fill out the Plant It Yourself informational form, which you can download by clicking here.


Step 4
Stop by the garden & design center with your photos, measurements and informational form and we’ll review which landscape design process fits your needs best.

Customers looking for landscape master plans should contact our landscape design office at 413-323-4940.

Stop by soon and you too can have a yard designed by the pros!

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